June 19, 2018

Jim Matiya, author of Psychology and Advanced Psychology, has taught Psychology, Psychology II and Advanced Psychology at Carl Sandburg High School, in Orland Park, Illinois. In addition, he has taught psychology at the junior college, university and, even, the post graduate level. Jim Matiya was the recipient of the American Psychological Association’s Moffett Award winner (high school teacher of the year) in 2003. He even taught a course titled “Teaching High School Psychology” to prospective teachers at Lewis University. He has authored and/ or co-authored twenty articles about high school psychology. He is the author of two books; one is called Creating a Psychology Fair and has written student workbooks for three different high school psychology books. In addition, he has written material for an Advanced Psychology Guide website and created PowerPoint presentations for another psychology text as well as chapter readings. He has also been a writer/editor/consultant for twenty different high school and college textbooks. Matiya is a regular contributor at national and local social studies meetings and has been an invited speaker at several workshops. Jim’s students annually participate in a Psychology Fair and some of their studies have been replicated in other books, many others have pursued psychology or in related fields. Furthermore, Jim also makes materials for psychology classes, and he is best known for his goggles that are used in the unit of vision. The goggles can be found in high schools, hospitals, and universities around the world. Above and beyond all these honors, he treasures his wife’s and children’s love for him and, especially, their tolerance for all the time he devotes to make high school psychology a fun and interesting course.