Grants for teachers to pay for instructional support, mentoring teacher access and, if necessary university tuition

Teacher professional education program in collaboration with its university partners paid for over 800 teacher enrollments through various grants. The program is designed to assist teachers with new subject assignments and empirical evidence confirms very positive improvements in educator content mastery inuring to the benefit of their students. Detailed results of the successful program may be found on the Academic Partners page. We encourage foundations and districts to provide grants for teachers with new assignments to either provide the course material and mentors plus tuition where necessary

Teachers with new or out-of-field assignments enrolled with a participating the university in the sustained professional development program series that with complete instructional and mentoring support, saved teachers hundreds of hours of prep time and enabled them to confidently deliver content to their students.

The tuition for these professional development courses may be funded through state department of education professional development budgets or, Federal Title I and Title IIA (Improving Teacher Quality State Grants), Title 5 (Innovative Programs), school improvement budgets, private and public foundations, etc.

There is a need for subject-specific instructional support so assist teachers in meeting the challenges of new teaching assignments. TEACHINGpoint was established to develop comprehensive teacher preparation and instructional support materials written by expert teachers who understand the needs of novice teachers, teachers with new assignments and teachers facing unavoidable out-of-field assignments — The Expert Systems for Teachers® Series of TEACHINGpoint instructional support materials is grounded in research-based best practices (a better prepared teacher leads to improved student achievement).

are practical and accessible, with features designed to support out-of-field, new and overworked teachers including:

Detailed pacing guide in an easy-to-use format to ensure coverage of standards and reduce classroom prep.

Daily lesson plans with point-of-use teaching strategies and classroom management tips.

Daily content summaries for teachers needing background knowledge

Class notes, in editable PowerPoint form or PDF files that support each lecture portion of your teaching

Complete, editable, assessments including quizzes, performance assessments and end-of-course exams.

Online courses: Participating universities host an initial series of over 100 Teaching Point online distance learning continuing education courses. Ultimately, universities in multiple U.S. states and other countries will host this series to certify teachers by subject. The series will offer teachers convenient access to online coursework to support content knowledge and content-specific instructional skills and the opportunity to earn CEU credit or hours toward re-certification and certification in subject-specific areas.

TEACHINGpoint course materials support teachers and students in public, charter, private and home schools globally, in over 75 countries on 5 continents: North America, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

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Email us if you want, or need, instructional and mentoring teacher support for specific classroom assignments (see over 100 subject-specific course material offerings at catalog or university online courses at through Texas A&M Commerce School of Education)