FAQs (Frequently Asked questions):

Assistance for teachers with new and out-of-field assignments? 

Answer: Designed to dramatically reduce classroom preparation time and assist teachers with new assignments provide the best learning environment for their students, Teaching Point offers complete subject-specific curriculum for over 100 courses. 

What are the components of the curriculum material?

Answer: Each teacher manual provides the following: suggested syllabus, pacing guide, detailed daily lesson plans, editable PowerPoint (or Word doc) Class Notes, complete student activity book or lab manual with student and teacher editions, and editable tests and keys.

Tell us about the Mentoring Teacher Program?

Answer: Teaching Point offers access to expert teachers of each subject for 3 times with each teacher manual purchase.  Beyond that, extended mentoring for up to 25 questions is available for $200 USD for the school year.

Hours toward license renewal?

Answer: Yes, many schools or school districts will accept a passing post-test score in our mini-credentialing courses toward license renewal as part of their professional development program. With their confirmation, each course will award half the hours toward license renewal.

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