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TEACHINGpoint instructional support course material and Mentoring Teacher Program qualify for funding, beyond departmental budgets in most countries as professional development or instructional support materials. In the U.S., for instance,there are many sources for funding Teaching Point Instructional Support Materials and Mentoring Teacher Program in schools including but not limited to: ESSA Title I, 10% of which can be used for professional development, for which Teaching Point materials qualify; and Title IIa, Improving Teacher Quality State Grants, which is 100% for professional development of teachers, Title 5, Innovative Programs (speak to your School District Federal Funds Director); School Improvement Grant funds; Carl Perkins Foundation, Tech Prep Consortia, Comprehensive School Reform Grants, Achievement Zone, Gates Foundation, RTI Funds, Workforce Development Grants, State and Federal Grant Funds, Milton Foundation, and Race to the Top, Professional Development funds; New Teacher funds; Comprehensive School Reform funding; local, state, regional or national educational foundations.

Sites for grant money to reimburse you for Teaching Point Instructional and Mentoring Support:
(Source for general education grants)
(Lists of grant funding, contests, and professional development opportunities)
(Grants for STEM projects)
(Federal grants for major STEM initiatives; best for a district-wide initiative)