Who can purchase these materials? Teaching Point serves schools in over 75 countries with over 120 subject-specific instructional support materials. Only educators, schools and school districts are allowed to purchase these materials and Teaching Point verifies the educator status of purchasers to insure teacher material is not delivered to students. To see how to qualify for purchase click here.

Below is a feature “map” for each of the various versions:

Features of Different Teacher Editions
(descriptions of versions listed to right are shown below)
eBook version (screen view only, no shipping charge) Yes

Shipped version (with shipping charge) YesYes
Subject-specific Mentoring Teacher access by email YesYesYes
Can purchase student books (with purchase of 1 version of teacher manual PER TEACHER)YesYesYes
Screen view of Standard AlignmentsYesYesYes
Screen view of Syllabus and Pacing Guide for complete courseYesYesYes
Screen view of Lesson Plans (complete course)YesYesYes
Screen view of Teacher Edition of Student Book with answersYesYesYes
Screen view of Assessments and KeysYesYesYes
Screen view of Class Notes
Screen view of Student Book without answersYesYesYes
Edit, Print Assessments and Keys YesYesYes
Print Class Notes (either PDF, editable PowerPoint's or both)YesYesYes
Print Student Book (non-editable PDF)YesYes
Printed teacher manual for complete courses includes: YesYes
Printed Syllabus & Pacing Guide YesYes
Printed Lesson PlansYesYes
Printed Assessments KeysYesYes
Printed Teacher Version of Student Book or Lab Manual with answersYesYes
Class Set includes teacher Manual and 25 Pre-Printed Student Books with perpetual license - no renewal required Yes

eBook = Download Rental Version of Teacher Edition Subscription*, screen view only
SUB = Printed Teacher Edition Subscription*, with printed teacher manual and CD
CS = Class Set (with perpetual license – no renewal necessary) includes printed Teacher Manual and 25 printed student books

*Subscription Editions require renewal for continued use at current price at time of renewal beyond end of subscription term. Class Sets have a perpetual license and do not require renewal for continued use.

Download Version Delivery Schedule

Due to time differences between the customer’s location and Teaching Point in the U.S., or orders paid for near the end of or after regular business hours in the Eastern Time Zone, it may until the next business day to deliver download license and file links after a customer agreement is received. If you have ordered late on a Friday, then the next delivery of download orders will most likely be on the following Monday with exception of holidays (which occur approximately 4 times annually in the U.S.).

Pricing? Each teacher version is priced based on the features included in that version. Additionally, the Class Sets are priced based on number of pages of the student activity book. One teacher version is an eBook, while others have printed materials, specifically the Printed Subscription (SUB) and Class Set versions (CS).

DISCOUNT UPGRADE OPTION: You will receive credit toward purchase of printed versions of the materials (Subscription or Class Set) for previous purchase of versions until end of school year after initial purchase and only pay the difference in price plus shipping. Email us at tporder@teaching-point.net if you decide to take advantage of this within the upgrade option period.

Both MAC and PC compatible

Note: Materials are available in 3 versions: eBook, printed subscription edition and class set with perpetual license. The eBook “screen view only” version may be displayed on both MAC and PC computers, tablets or mobile devices. The assessments and class notes (PowerPoint’s) can be saved, edited and printed from downloadable files. Files are PC and MAC compatible.