What do teachers and principals say about these teacher created resources?

The Teaching Point Expert Systems for Teachers® Series of over 100 subject-specific courses provide excellent “just-in-time” instructional support materials. All the resources are created by in-service teachers of the subject of their expertise. Essentially, you get mentoring teacher access with these materials. Exactly what a teacher with a new assignment needs!

Wow!  I can get micro-credentialing hours toward license renewal along with all the instructional resource I need for my new class assignment! Perfect!

The materials I received included the course syllabus, pacing guide, detailed daily lesson plans, editable PowerPoint notes for class setup, labs and activities and editable tests and quizzes along with mentoring teacher access. Considering I’d never taught this before, it’s everything I needed for my new assignment. What a time-saver and stress-reliever!

“We have used Teaching Point materials to great advantage in a number of subject areas. They are all very helpful for both our new and veteran teaching assignments. I would recommend them to any school to help their teachers deliver better instruction to their students. – Carol Pearson, Principal, Create Charter School, Jersey City, NJ,

“We have been using Teaching Point materials for over ten years. They are particularly helpful for us because they come with complete student activity books that we use throughout the school year. The teacher materials are updated every year and also contain all the daily lesson plans, class notes and assessments necessary to complete the course content in conjunction with whatever text your school may adopt. – Judy Jones, Science Chair, St. John Vianney High School, Holmdel, NJ

Expert Systems for Teachers course materials are a fantastic resource for teachers. I found myself in a very stressful situation, and this program helped me tremendously! I am very grateful for this opportunity!

First, I would like to thank you for your courtesy, patience and taking the time to provide me with information about this wonderful program that is a priceless gift to any teacher. This is the first time I have heard of a program that provides EVERYTHING a novice or senior teacher needs to facilitate learning for their students. With this program there is NO additional work required but rather more time to focus on the students.

US HISTORY: “I just want to say thank you so much and that I had absolutely no idea that the instructor materials were this comprehensive! Truthfully, I have been struggling with how to pace and present all of the History content for my class, so these materials are exactly what I needed.”

AP PHYSICS: “I just wanted to let you know that I received the AP Physics course material break and I will be working on that to prepare for the exam. TODAY I received the Physical Science material and I am DELIGHTED with it to help ease the rest of the year of teaching that course. It looks spectacular and I am most grateful to have it since our school doesn’t even have a textbook. I nearly jumped for joy as I looked at it. I am a curriculum writer and have done research on curricula at NYU and FSU and this is the type I write (my work has been in HS Biology and in elementary science). Thank you so much.”

“Thank you again for all that this material provides us; I am an English teacher assigned to teach Geometry this year! Crazy times…”

Thank you for the help. It saved me a lot of prep time.

Very helpful in creating a framework for my class. Labs worksheets were very helpful. The PowerPoint’s and exams were very helpful.  The course materials saved me a lot of time having a framework for the exam to work with.

Thank you!


For a teacher overwhelmed with myriad obligations while trying to go above and beyond for students, it was a great blessing to have this support and know it was always there to go above and beyond for me as a teacher. Without question this outstanding assistance will translate into more help for and production from my students. With great appreciation…

My contact person was extremely helpful responding by email very quickly.

Great program. I completed 4 Math courses. Please continue/expand the program.

The subject content was very helpful especially when preparing lessons.

This program is awesome for the further development of teachers and is such a support to the needs that we have in our subject area

This program was very helpful to me teaching Civics, World and US History for the first time.

Thanks for eliminating most of the prep work for Civics.

The course materials are comprehensive and user friendly.

Excellent program. Please continue.

The whole program is a game changer. The materials are very good, exciting, helpful and user friendly. You just can’t ask for more!

I love the program. Teaching Point classroom materials are awesome.

The AP Physics materials provided are great.

I truly appreciate the Expert Systems for Teachers Program. It’s a great resource and very useful program that I am highly recommending to any of my fellow colleagues/friends in need of its expertise and services.

Best prep ever! Thanks!

I appreciate the resources to prepare me to be a better educator for my students. It was a helpful tool necessary for achievement.

This program helped me to become a better prepared teacher and the impact shows in my students’ response to my knowledge of the content. This program has changed my life for the better.

All of the resources are helpful towards my students understanding and development. I was able to use the lessons daily with my students. The quizzes were quick and helpful. This is a great program for teachers.

It’s wonderful! I am nearing the time to renew my teaching certificate and for months I had been trying to figure out how to cover the cost to complete the credits required to do so. I was praying to God this morning and he led me to you.

Thank you for your help. The learning binders have been a true life saver. I appreciate the program and the help that it is providing for teachers. Thank you so much!

Introductory and Honors Biology by Charles Zaremba

I teach Biology at a California high school with two other teachers. In California we have subject specific statewide standardized tests. All three of us had a 20% pass rate for our Biology students until we started using the Teaching Point Biology materials by Charles Zaremba. I used it the first year and the other two teachers were the “control group.” My students had a 50% pass rate that year vs. no change for the other two teachers not using the materials. I would recommend these materials highly for any teachers who find themselves in difficult or new teaching situations. All three of us are now using Zaremba’s materials.  – Tony Herron

“I have recently ordered the Introductory Biology Experiments and Activities for the teacher. I find it fabulous…” — Mrs. Dannible, Presentation of Mary Academy

“I have reviewed your book and it has not only been helpful, but inspirational as well.  I am writing this letter to thank you for creating a source that I and others like myself will be able to use throughout our teaching careers.” — Jacqueline M. Gerbermann

Civics by George Cassutto

“The Civics teacher manual was easy to use and understand. It made a difficult subject for 8th grade students to understand a lot easier. The support materials really help to reinforce material learned.” — Wendy Yacoub

TV Production

“TV Production – what a great resource! I’m using it this year. Have loaded it on to my computer at work. When I need to start a new chapter, I bring up and print just what I need. Thanks for all your help.” — V.B.

“I was a first-year teacher with experience in the television industry. However, having experience in the industry and teaching the basics of television production to teenagers are two, totally different fields. I knew what I was teaching; I just wasn’t experienced in how to teach it. This book gives detailed instructions for every lesson. It’s also easy to follow and structured in logical order; each lesson builds on the last, reemphasizing the previous lesson. The students have to master each lesson before moving on to the next. From the history of television to how to have your class produce their own news show . . . this book tells everything you need to know. If it were not for this book and the assistance of the author, Diana Blount, I would not have gotten through the school year! Diana and I work at the same school and teach the same TV 1 class. We worked very closely together throughout the year, and I’m proud to have been her “guinea pig” in the process. I recommend this book to anyone who is just starting out in the field and experienced veteran teachers.” — Altoria White, Second year television production teacher, Stanton College Preparatory School

Creative Writing

“Creative writing classes often attract students with very different skill levels making it difficult to adapt lessons to the needs of each student. This Creative Writing text solves the problem. Every student can complete the sequenced activities with a degree of success, while the more skilled students are challenged to their potential. Her students have won local, state and national awards for their writings which began with the lessons in this text. Ms. Moran’s creativity and knowledge of this course make this book useful for first year teachers as well as veterans; both will find provocative and imaginative lessons ready to implement.” — Diane Maurer, English department head, L’Anse Creuse High School

Life Management Priscilla Burns

“Life Management class should be required in any district. After student teaching with the Life Management materials I was confident enough to get a job in a district and implement this course. The lessons, curriculum and guidance you will receive are outstanding. I recommend this curriculum for everyone, not just new and out of subject teachers. It is a culmination of what really motivates students, elevates a class to rigorous standards, while giving sound practical advice about putting into operation a tough hands-on curriculum to manage.” — Cheryl Tierney, Student Teacher

American Government by George Thompson

“I was a lawyer for 14 years before becoming a teacher. I became certified to teach just before Christmas. I was hired immediately to teach Government at Alchesay High School, located on the White Mountain Apache Indian Reservation. I had less than a week to prepare for class. George’s materials were invaluable in assisting me in getting ready to teach on such short notice. His lessons reflect the latest and best methods for delivering compelling lessons to students. The lessons center around essential questions and identify desired enduring understandings. The material is well organized. The content is excellent. George has compiled one excellent lesson after another. Standards are addressed. Daily objectives are easy to find. Vocabulary is identified. The result is hands-on activities that truly prepare students for productive citizenship after graduation. Equally important, George’s materials prepared me as a teacher to deliver high quality lessons in a professional manner.” — James C. Lerch

AP Physics

I just wanted to let you know that I received the AP Physics course material break and I will be working on that to prepare for the exam. TODAY I received the Physical Science material and I am DELIGHTED with it to help ease the rest of the year of teaching that course. It looks spectacular and I am most grateful to have it since our school doesn’t even have a textbook. I nearly jumped for joy as I looked at it. I am a curriculum writer and have done research on curricula at NYU and FSU and this is the type I write (my work has been in HS Biology and in elementary science). Thank you so much. Laurie P. Callihan, PhD, Kathleen High School (Biology major assigned out‐of‐field to teach AP Physics and Physical Science)

Before the Bell: Teacher to Teacher

Before the Bell presents a compendium that evidences inspired performance by master teachers. It is refreshing to read the varied strategies used by teachers to motivate, cajole, induce students to learn. Many of the activities clearly reflect current theoretical applications. Another attractive feature of this publication is the attention to diversity with which it is colored. It includes activities from the classrooms of regular and special education teachers in special, regular, and inclusive classes. An enriching addition is the global perspective reflected in the different ethnic groups represented by the teachers and the diverse cultural milieus they target. This book should be an excellent CO-text for a methods course or student teaching.” — Professor Helen Bessent-Byrd, Norfolk State University, Norfolk, VA

“As we continue to rely on the school building as the focus of instructional attention and commit ourselves to establishing an autonomous teacher/learner climate, the experimental knowledge base of the teacher emerges as a necessary and prominent educational resource. The authors of Before the Bell, refer to it as ‘enthusiastic and imaginative teaching.’ This book is a collection of best practices from the hearts of dedicated teachers and identifies them as quintessential professionals.” — Dr. Frank Ambrosie, Coordinator/Syracuse University/West Genesee Teaching Center, Teaching and Leadership Programs

“The contributors to Before the Bell bring the ordinary act of teaching to life. The segments cover the gamut of disciplines, techniques and individuals. Some will reinforce what you already do, but that is encouraging; some will prompt a response of, ‘I never thought of that!’ but that is motivating; still others might produce a thought of, ‘I would not do that!’ but to this you should ask, ‘Why?’ As the book indicates many times, as teachers we need to be creative if we want our students to be creative and that requires risk, trying what we have never tried before. Teacher to Teacher provides a dialogue between teachers to enable them to help one another become more creative and thus better teachers, producing students who think critically and creatively. More publications of this nature would be helpful to this end.” — Douglas C. Wilbur, retired high school Chemistry/Physics teacher at Canastota Central Schools in Canastota, NY and former adjunct Chemistry Professor Utica College of Syracuse University

“Those who fail to understand the complexity of teaching periodically attempt to reduce teaching to a recipe. One recent initiative went so far as to script daily lessons and then mandate teachers to follow the script. Before the Bell is not for those people. It is, however, for those who recognize and celebrate the creativity, insight, and diversity that characterizes great teaching. You will enjoy the stories of these wonderful teachers, learn from their eclectic approaches to planning instruction, and appreciate the passion that fuels them.” — Dr. Richard P. DuFour, Superintendent of Stevenson High School District 125, Lincolnshire, IL, and co-author of Professional Learning Communities at Work: Best Practices for Enhancing Student Achievement.

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