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Instructional and mentoring support for Teachers Complete Catalog Subscription for schools and districts Professional Education:Micro-credentials for teachers
Over 100 full-year subject-specific instructional support materials for teachers with new assignments including mentoring teacher access Complete catalog subscription service for every teacher in a school or district plus personalized student learning program Micro-credentials and hours toward license renewal through university courses in over 100 subjects for teachers with new assignments

Are you facing these challenges?

Teachers Schools and Districts
  • New subject assignment(s) for new or experienced teacher
  • An unavoidable out-of-field assignment
  • Too many classroom preps
  • A need to improve student achievement
  • Recruitment - Shortages
  • Development
  • Retention
  • Unequal distribution of highly-effective teachers
  • Student Achievement Gap
  • Second-career individuals new to teaching

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Would you like to have an expert teacher provide all of your lesson plans and prep work for new assignments (full course material for the entire year or a unit at a time*) AND/OR receive university CEU or in-service points/hours for license renewal and become highly-qualified in that subject (if you need it) at the same time?

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