Decades of research shows that a better prepared teacher leads to improved student achievement

feel more confident and cover required course content more completely. Easy-to-use pacing guides ensure full coverage of required state and/or national content standards. Detailed daily lesson plans and instructional support materials better prepare teachers leading to improved student achievement.

may easily incorporate the teacher-tested labs, activities, projects and assessments into their daily instruction. Editable class notes (in PowerPoint or as overhead masters) are ready on the first day of class.

are guided by subject-specific teaching strategies and classroom management tips in daily lesson plans. Comprehensive assessment systems ensure effective monitoring of student progress.

with new assignments will find their classroom prep time reduced using the easy-to-use pacing guide, standard alignments, lesson plans, assessments, class notes and student lab or activity book and aid in their success immensely.

searching for ways to support teachers leading to improved student achievement, graduation rates, college and workforce readiness.

looking for 1) solutions to the unequal distribution of effective teachers; 2) sustained professional development programs; 2) paths to certifying teachers as highly-qualified; 3) reduced teacher turnover; and 4) less costly methods in the recruitment and retention of teachers.

“Better teachers are more likely to result in higher achievement” So said Bill Gates while speaking at the National Conference of State Legislatures (Philadelphia, July 22, 2009).

We agree, and it is much less costly to help better prepare a teacher than recruit more teachers. Let us help you save substantially on recruitment, development and retention of teachers while seeking to improved student achievement, graduation rates, college and workforce readiness.