Monthly Subscription Option

Teaching Point instructional support materials can be ordered either as 1) a monthly subscription, or 2) as an outright purchase.

1) The monthly subscription option allows screen viewing only (no printing or editing) of all the material for a monthly subscription through an internet connection. The subscription content includes all elements listed below, just screen-view only.

2) Alternatively, the outright purchase of eBook or printed versions include downloadable files. The PowerPoint class notes for lecture support and assessments are editable.  The student book or lab manual can be printed. The syllabus, pacing guide, lesson plans and teacher version of the student book or lab manual are not editable.

There are three different monthly subscriptions based on the length of the course:

  • Semester courses: 12-month non-cancellable subscription is $10 USD per month.
  • Full-year courses: 12-month non-cancellable subscription is $20 USD per month.
  • Two-year IB courses: 24-month non-cancellable subscription is $20 USD per month.

Each academic subject-specific course allows for monthly subscription or outright purchase.

These instructional support materials are a practical, economical way to prepare you for new course assignments or add to your resources if you are an experienced teacher of the subject.


Teaching Point was founded to provide teachers with new assignments subject-specific instructional resources to assist them in getting to the teaching point daily with their students. Each of the over 120 sets of instructional support materials include a course syllabus, pacing guide, detailed daily lesson plans (for the whole course), PowerPoint class notes for the set-up portion of the lesson, student activity book or lab manual, tests and quizzes along with mentoring teacher access.