June 19, 2018

Paul Syme, author of Art 3: Multimedia Art and Design, has taught art and design in a high tech environment for seven years. Before teaching, Paul earned a Specialized Honours Bachelor of Arts Degree in Fine Art from the University of Guelph; a Baccalaureate of Education from the University of Ottawa; and, an Masters of Art in Art Education from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University. In 1997, Paul was appointed to design a new art education facility and curriculum for a new high-tech high school with aims to meaningfully integrate computer related technologies in the visual arts. In this capacity, he designed outcomes and strategies for teaching and learning art and design through a wide range of traditional and new media. Since his program opened in 1998, Paul created a dynamic web site for teaching and learning art and design, and with his students, he created several. Paul has earned recognition from Apple Computers for his innovative use of technology within the English Language Arts. Paul has written curriculum for the Province of Nova Scotia and advises teachers and school administrators on effective strategies for teaching through computer-related technologies in several key subject areas. Paul has been able to advance his program and gain notoriety by demonstrating how the potential of computer related technologies, when recognized and employed through experientially grounded learning strategies, can enhance the breadth, depth, and enjoyment of lifelong learning in any discipline. Paul also continues to serve on the E-Learning company, Adaptive Tutoring Systems Inc.’s, Advisory council as he has since 2000.