June 19, 2018

Randolph Femmer, author of Honors Chemistry and Ecology, has taught high school science in such diverse subjects as A.P. Biology, Ecology, Marine Biology, and Honors Chemistry for twenty-five years. His classroom presentations and curricula include such exceptional labs, units, and demonstrations as Observing the Invisible, Measuring the Invisible, and “What Every Citizen Should Know about Our Planet.” He has written three books and a variety of articles and digital presentations on topics as diverse as Telomeres and Telomerase, DNA Sequencing, and the Photoisomerization of Retinol. His web presence includes three educational web pages and his classes conduct computer activities utilizing Molecular Visualization, Rasmol, Stella computer modeling, and Scion imaging software. He has also conducted a variety of district workshops for new teachers, including molecular visualization using Rasmol, exceptional labs and demonstrations for new teachers, and 21st century science for the high school classroom. He and his wife Carol attended the University of Miami and reside in Florida.