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Table of Contents

Core SL Additional Higher Level Options
1. Statistical Analysis 7. Nucleic Acids and Proteins D. Evolution
2. Cells 8. Cell Respiration and Photosynthesis E. Neurobiology and Behavior
3. The Chemistry of Life 9. Plant Structure and Growth  
4. Genetics 10. Genetics  
5. Ecology and Evolution 11. Human Health and Physiology  
6. Human Health and Physiology    

These instructional support materials (available in print or eBook versions), cover the complete course (at regular, honors, AP and IB levels), whether it be semester, year or 2-year (IB) with daily support for all aspects of instruction. The Teacher's Edition includes a syllabus; daily pacing guide; detailed daily lesson plans; teacher edition of student activity book or lab manual with answers; class notes for lecture supprot in PDF and/or editable PowerPoint's (for use with light projector or smartboard); and complete editable assessments. Classroom sets include 25 printed student books and Teacher Edition. Samples are available for each course (including short term review eBook copies of complete course material in screen view only versions upon request). After purchase of the Teacher Edition in any of the various editions, student activity books or lab manuals are available for purchase in download or printed versions. Although the online eBook version is screen view only, other versions are available that allow printing student material. Click here for details.

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Finally, a resource with the flexibility to teach IB Biology concepts in any sequence. Detailed lessons reference the same numerical conventions found in IB’s own curriculum guide. Covers both HL and SL, and includes Option D, Evolution, and Option E, Neurobiology and Behavior. Each lesson has a Powerpoint, guided review, and exam questions, enabling the teacher to customize units to cover any combination of topics. The student lab and activity manual follows the PowerPoint Class Notes (also delivered on CD as overhead versions if required), with guided review questions that prompt students to take notes. The assessments are editable as are the PowerPoints. Clear and comprehensive, this resource insures all topics in IB Biology are covered at the appropriate depth.


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