Website will be repository for complete teacher preparation materials

Expert Systems for Teachers

Problems in our educational system have long been reported. One of the major complaints has been that many new, or veteran teachers, are assigned to teach “out of field”. This occurs when a school has a vacancy to teach a course that it cannot fill with an experienced teacher in the subject. Additionally, there is the time-stressed teacher who needs no nonsense plans that works day after day throughout the entire school year.The Expert Systems for Teachers Series hopes to solve these problems by drawing on the experience of master teachers and matching them with teachers in difficult situations. All the materials necessary to fulfill course guidelines and get the teacher “up to speed” immediately will be included in these “turn key” solutions. In this way Teaching Point will have a beneficial effect on the educational success of both the teacher and student.As part of the Expert Systems for Teachers Series, teachers will find everything necessary to conduct a successful class from start to finish over an entire semester or school year.

Teaching Point

Teaching Point is being developed as a central location for teacher preparationaration materials in multiple subjects, for all grade levels, K through 12, college and professional. Teacher Authors are encouraged to have their work reviewed for publication. Instructors are encouraged to review the list of materials for use in their own classroom preparation.A full set of course materials will typically contain syllabus with realistic timeline (pacing guide), detailed daily lesson plans, daily lecture notes (PowerPoint’s), student activity book or lab manual (with worksheets, labs where appropriate, and homework), plus quizzes, tests and keys. The materials will be comprehensive, all-inclusive, turn key solutions for teachers at public, private, parochial and home based schools, colleges, universities and professional institutes.
Teaching Point is a partnership to match Teacher Authors who have developed expert systems in their field of study with teachers who need a fast, expert system. An Academic Review Board will approve all materials for their accuracy and comprehensiveness.