What do Principals and Teachers say about Teaching Point materials?

Principals/Directors/Board Members

“Teaching Point materials are sensational. We are making it our primary curriculum! Because of our class schedules, the pacing chart really helps teachers stay on track. We can even use it effectively with special education kids, homebound kids and it helps tutor follow-up. It just makes our whole educational process much more manageable. We tell other schools about Teaching Point.” -- Richard Baker, Academic Director, KIMA Public Charter School, Washington, DC

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“We have used Teaching Point materials to great advantage in a number of subject areas. They are all very helpful for both our new and veteran teaching assignments. I would recommend them to any school to help their teachers deliver better instruction to their students.” -- Carol Pearson, Principal, Create Charter School, Jersey City, NJ

“We have been using Teaching Point materials for over ten years. They are particularly helpful for us because they come with complete student activity books that we use throughout the school year. The teacher materials are updated every year and also contain all the daily lesson plans, class notes and assessments necessary to complete the course content in conjunction with whatever text your school may employ.” -- Judy Jones, Science Chair, St. John Vianney High School, Holmdel, NJ

“Teaching Point materials have been an invaluable tool for all of our teachers. In fact for some it has been a life preserver. It connects them with what some of the best teachers in their field are doing in the classroom. They no longer feel isolated and have a higher standard to model and measure themselves by.” -- Steve Lipsky, Director, Create Charter School, Jersey City, NJ

“I’m very impressed with Teaching Point materials. I’m encouraging our administrative people to purchase their books because they are the most thorough and easy to use materials I’ve ever seen to bring a teacher up-to-speed quickly to a higher standard.” -- Kevin Howe, Board of Trustees, Lakeside Union School District , San Diego County, CA

“Our school is unique because we offer students an on-line education. We have a team of developers who create the content for our courses. Teaching Point materials are our foundation resource for the content we develop. Teaching Point makes our job life a lot easier, it saves time, money and frustration. The graphics alone often save so much, rather than create our own.” -- Bob Sweeney, Educational Dir., CompuHigh, Morgantown, WV

“I had the opportunity to use multiple Teaching Point materials for our charter school. The teachers were very excited to have such well designed curricula. With the alignment to the state stan dards, we are confident using these materials will make a difference in the test scores this coming school year. The students welcomed the activity books and found them very valuable in supplementing and reinforcing the classroom instruction.”-- Frank Barry, formerly Principal, Albor Charter School, Santa Ana, CA, now Program Devlopment Director, CA Learning Center, Santa Ana

Teaching Point Authors

“As a Teaching Point author and mentor, it has been a delight to share my years of experience with teachers who buy our materials. I get calls of help and calls of joy on how these tools have made such a difference in the lives of ki9ds and brought more peace of mind to the teacher on the firing line. I even get calls of thanks from Principals. I am thankful to be a part of this life changing program.” -- Carol Matthews, Teacher and Author, Bolles High School, FL

Advanced Physics by Art Hovey

“Art Hovey taught physics to our sons Aaron and Michael. Aaron got a 5 on the A.P. exam and told us Mr. Hovey had invisibly woven the exam material into the course. Michael is currently an English major with a minor in physics. He tells us he began taking physics courses because of his positive experience in high school. Mr. Hovey’s teaching methods can be summarized as: Learn by doing... Very few students fail to discover. A remarkable percentage catch fire and learn. Mr. Hovey’s approach seems to have permeated the whole physics department at Amity High School . More recently, our son Benjamin took physics from another teacher at Amity. At first we were disappointed because Ben’s schedule could not be made to match with a Hovey physics class. As the year progressed, it became clear that the Hovey style experimental method and learning by doing have become the teaching method in the physics department. Art Hovey has spread the gospel to his department.” -- Joshua I. Goldberg

Advanced U.S. History by George Burson

“Daily lesson plans include extensive summaries of historical knowledge, all including a healthy mixture of broad theme and specific fact. Particularly notable is the clear, generally concise, and balanced writing on topics that may lend themselves to more political than historical interpretation. The historical record—both traditional and revisionist—is not specific to author but is evident throughout. The guide is appropriate for both the new and experienced teacher. The writing is excellent. State-of-the-field literature is included. The visual material included in the guide is outstanding. Maps, charts, tables, newspapers, posters, and illustrations are well-chosen and will easily motivate student discussion. The accumulated material far surpasses the visual content found in a single textbook. Organization is clear and allows the teacher flexibility in decisions regarding how much time to be given each lesson.” --Frank Bunton, History Teacher, Stanton College Preparatory High School, Florida

American Government by George Thomson

"I was a lawyer for 14 years before becoming a teacher. I became certified to teach just before Christmas, 2003. I was hired immediately to teach Government at Alchesay High School, located on the White Mountain Apache Indian Reservation. I had less than a week to prepare for class. George's materials were invaluable in assisting me in getting ready to teach on such short notice. His lessons reflect the latest and best methods for delivering compelling lessons to students. The lessons center around essential questions, and identify desired enduring understandings. The material is well organized. The content is excellent. George has compiled one excellent lesson after another. Standards are addressed. Daily objectives are easy to find. Vocabulary is identified. The result is hands-on activities that truly prepare students for productive citizenship after graduation. Equally important, George's materials prepared me as a teacher to deliver high quality lessons in a professional manner." -- James C. Lerch

Civic by George Cassutto

"The Civics book was easy to use and under stan d. It made a difficult subject for 8th grade students to understand a lot easier. The support materials also help to reinforce material learned." -- Wendy Yacoub

Creative Writing by Barbara Moran

"Creative writing classes often attract students with very different skill levels making it difficult to adapt lessons to the needs of each student. This text solves the problem. Every student can complete the sequenced activities with a degree of success, while the more skilled students are challenged to their potential. Her students have won local, state and national awards for their writings which began with the lessons in this text. Ms. Moran's creativity and knowledge of this course make this book useful for first year teachers as well as veterans; both will find provocative and imaginative lessons ready to implement." -- Diane Maurer, English department head, L'Anse Creuse High School, Michigan

IB French B by Véronique Cheniaux

“The IB French materials are set up and organized so well. The PowerPoint grammar presentations are great, very clear and the kids like grammar presented in this format. I do supplement with a grammar workbook but it is such a help to have the assessments already prepared. This is the only program or text that I have ever found that I could use for IB French classes without spending hours and hours of searching for appropriate texts and making up exercises to mimic the IB exam format. Thank you!” – Judith Wetsig, Binghamton High School, New York

IB History of the Americas by George Burson

"As an IB History teacher I have benefited greatly from using the teaching packet that your company produces. Most of my lesson plans are based on the suggested lessons included in your packet." -- Ignacio Albarracin, IB History of the Americas , American School of Tegucigalpa

IB History of the Americas is a comprehensive, well-researched guide to the content currently included on the International Baccalaureate History (HL) examination. Mr. Burson successfully achieves his purpose of providing a consensus view of American and 20th century history. The guide will prove itself valuable to the new teacher and the teacher new to the IB History course. Students will understand the interpretive nature of the subject. The guide is a valuable addition to the rapidly growing need for IB preparation materials. The writing is excellent. State-of-the-field literature is included. The visual material included in the guide is outstanding. Maps, charts, tables, newspapers, posters, and illustrations are well-chosen and will easily motivate student discussion. The accumulated material far surpasses the visual content found in a single textbook. Organization is clear and allows the teacher flexibility in decisions regarding how much time to be given each lesson. Further, as the first guide of its kind in the IB field, teachers will be encouraged with its basic ideas to formulate their own and create additional instructional and testing methods.” --Frank Bunton, IB History of the Americas Teacher, Stanton College Preparatory High School, Florida

Introductory and Honors Biology by Charles Zaremba

“I teach Biology at a California high school with two other teachers. In California we have subject specific state wide stan dardized tests. All three of us had a 20% pass rate for our Biology students until we started using the Teaching Point Biology materials by Charles Zaremba. I used it the first year and the other two teachers were the “control group.” My students had a 50% pass rate that year vs. no change for the other two teachers not using the materials. I would recommend these materials highly for any teachers who find themselves in difficult or new teaching situations. All three of us are now using Zaremba’s materials .” -- Tony Herron, Sanger ISD, CA

"I have recently ordered the Introductory Biology Experiments and Activities for the teacher. I find it fabulous." -- Mrs. Dannible, Presentation of Mary Academy, Massachusetts

"I have reviewed your book and it has not only been helpful, but inspirational as well.  I am writing this letter to thank you for creating a source that I and others like myself will be able to use throughout our teaching careers." -- Jacqueline M. Gerbermann

Life Management by Priscilla Burns

"The Life Management class should be required in any district. After student teaching with the Life Management materials I was confident enough to get a job in a district and implement this course. The lessons, curriculum and guidance you will receive are outstanding. I recommend this curriculum for everyone, not just new and out of subject teachers. It is a culmination of what really motivates students, elevates a class to rigorous standards, while giving sound practical advice about putting into operation a tough hands-on curriculum to manage." -- Cheryl Tierney, Student Teacher

TV Production 1 by Diana Blount

"I was a first year teacher with experience in the television industry. However, having experience in the industry and teaching the basics of television production to teenagers are two, totally different fields. I knew what I was teaching; I just wasn't experienced in how to teach it. This book gives detailed instructions for every lesson. It's also easy to follow and structured in logical order; each lesson builds on the last, reemphasizing the previous lesson. The students have to master each lesson before moving on to the next. From the history of television to how to have your class produce their own news show . . . this book tells everything you need to know. If it were not for this book and the assi stan ce of the author, Diana Blount, I would not have gotten through the school year! I recommend this book to anyone who is just starting out in the field and experienced veteran teachers." -- Altoria White, Second year television production teacher, Stanton College Preparatory High School, Florida

“Your TV Production I & II books continue to help me teach my courses. At first, as a new teacher, I followed them religiously. Now that I’ve gained a little confidence, I find I turn to the books as sources and adapt their lessons to my class. Either way, I would have a MUCH harder time teaching without them. I also have had the time to search out other TV Production books for teachers, and honestly, yours has the most innovative lessons and detailed plans for getting through each class. Diana Blount was wonderful to share all her great ideas with us.” – Marisa Carbone, Paxon School for Advanced Studies, Florida

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