Royalties for Teaching Point Authors

Teaching Point wants you to benefit as a teacher-author partner in the Expert Systems for Teachers Series.

Benefits of Teaching Point Publication:

Royalties for sales of your codified career knowledge in the subject of your expertise

The years of effort you put into your instructional support materials will now be appreciated and used in the classroom by teachers with new assignments - globally

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

1) The process begins with the pre-publication information form. Click here to start.

Royalties will be calculated on the sales price of your material after any third party discounts, fees or commissions (usually these apply only when a bookstore or distributor is involved). The sales price used to calculate royalties will not include handling, postage or freight charges, which are added to the cost of printed and CD/DVD versions only.

3) A royalty agreement may be entered into between Teaching Point and the Teacher-Author after submission of:
a) the pre-publication information form (on this website) and
b) a sample unit of the course material along with a table of contents and brief course description (before submission of completed work).
c) Terms of the royalty agreement become effective after approval of the completed course material by the NALS-ARB and Teaching Point for publication.

4) Copyrights will be in Teacher-Author name

5) Expenses: Teaching Point will bear the expenses of: publication, distribution, marketing, advertising, inventory storage, phones, faxes, website, personnel, etc. If you need our help in preparing your material for publication, there may be a charge against future royalties, not an out-of-pocket expense, and will be clearly defined in advance and agreed to by you .

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