Participating Universities in the "Expert Systems for Teachers"(R) Series

for the Development of Highly-Qualified and Highly-Effective Educators

Fully paid tuition grant: Participating universities offering over 100 subject-specific online courses designed to prepare teachers for new assignments, particularly for teachers without a collegiate major or minor in the specific subject assigned are linked below. Each course is designed to prepare a teacher to be not only highly-qualified but also set them on a path to be highly-effective with new assignments. Tuition may be paid through your school or district allocation of Title 1, 2a or 5 funds or other professional development budgets. Speak to your ESSA Federal Funds Office about the availability of these funds to pay for your tuition. Note: to be awarded CEU's or in-service points/hours for recertification in the any of these courses and highly-qualified status a teacher must pass appropriate district or state endorsed content mastery and/or subject-area test, fees for which are included as an option in the online course tuition.

Post-Test Data Report for 2014-15
Post-Data Report for 2015-16
showing 56% improvement in teacher content mastery
Comments from Enrolled Teachers
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and courses and enrollment
Phi Delta Kappa recognizes Expert Systems for Teachers
as an innovative Professional Education program

Texas A&M University Commerce College of Education

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University of Missouri St. Louis College of Education

District invitation to add courses to their Professional Development or Inservice Plan for Teachers,

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