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New to a subject? Would you like to have an expert teacher provide you all of your lesson plans and prep work for new assignments (full course material for the entire year or a unit at a time*) AND/OR get university continuing education units or in-service points/hours for recertification and highly-qualified in that subject (if you need it) at the same time?

Are you facing these challenges?

  • New subject assignment(s) for new or experienced teacher
  • An unavoidable out-of-field assignment
  • Second-career individuals new to teaching
  • Teachers with too many classroom preps
  • A need to improve student achievement
  • Teacher recruitment and retention issues

Over 120 subject-specific instructional
materials in eBook, DVD or Printed versions

OR online courses with participating universities!

(over 100 of our courses now online at to certify teachers
with new assignments by subject!)
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The circumstances noted above are a fact of life in most schools. They have a negative impact on student performance when inadequate pacing means required content is not covered. Teachers with new subject assignments or too many preps struggle preparing lesson plans & activities, adding to an already stressful workload.

Expert teachers, authors of this series of instructional support materials, have written everything you need to teach your subject assignments effectively. The materials work with any text (where necessary) that you choose. We are dedicated to helping educators get their students to the "teaching point" where learning begins and serve thousands of schools in all 50 U.S. states and 87 countries. How can we serve you?

President Barack Obama: said the pool of teachers is deep enough but many aren't getting the training, professional development and support they need. "Of particular concern is the fact that typically the least experienced teachers…often end up in the poorest schools," Under the initiative, states will be required to analyze data and submit plans to ensure students are taught by "effective educators." (WSJ, July 8, 2014).

Bill Gates: “Better teachers are more likely to result in higher achievement” remarked while speaking at the National Conference of State Legislatures. (Philadelphia, July 22, 2009)

Michelle Rhee (Director, Students First): "Research shows that teacher quality is the single most important in-school factor affecting student performance. We need comprehensive classroom support and professional development to help teachers improve their craft." (WSJ, July 7, 2014)

Teaching Point agrees with each of these comments and the answer is that it is much less costly to help better prepare an in-service teacher for new subject assignments with this series of instructional support materials (and companion courses through participating universities if necessary) than replace a teacher. Let us help you save substantially on recruitment, development and retention of teachers while improving student achievement, graduation rates, college and workforce readiness.

*Unit at a time: Although our main purpose is to prepare teachers for new assignments with complete course materials, we realize that sometimes an experienced teacher just needs a unit or two or three. So, to answer that need, contact us with the course name and unit(s) you want and we'll reply with purchasing details for download versions.

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